Changing Lives Community

Rehabilitation Success in 6 Countries



Changing Lives Community is modeled after a 35-year-old community in Italy called San Patrignano, that is self-sustaining without government funding and has helped over 25,000 people.

 The programs is being designed and built in California that will help drug addicts and the socially alienated, eliminating the dependency of the Welfare/Social System within the United States.

Think, realize

Days pass into months, months convert into years, but for a homeless person agony can feel like a lifetime.

Think. Realize. A single idea can help alleviate SUFFERINGS. TROUBLES. ANIMOSITY, making them cheer up to enjoy the blessing called L.I.F.E

We all live and run for getting a good living, quality education, home care and medical facilities. Basic necessities are for everyone. Why should someone lag behind just due to lack of resources?

Joining hands can work wonders!

Changing lives comes with unique long-term community designed idea for socially and emotionally deprived individuals and families. To provide them opportunities for better tomorrow.

In U.S. the ratio of homeless individuals and displaced families have become significantly higher! Owing to the inadequate support for potentially working individuals, lack of value system and decrease governmental support in terms of grants for the individuals sufferers.

Which individuals will benefit?

Changing lives divide individuals into three categories:

Economically affected: Unemployed, low pay, are just some of the reasons that a person can go from a home to living in motels, a car and eventually the streets. Some may have escaped abuse or any number of factors including young teenagers that have run away from home, young students in college or university living pay check to pay check and finding themselves evicted when payments fall behind.

Veterans: Many veterans rely on the VA hospital but depending where you live, could be receiving minimal care, given dangerous cocktails that have been known to aid in suicide in addition to having a disorder that hinders life from moving forward. Changing lives value those who stood by our homeland. We provide them support to cope with post traumatic stress disorder and enjoy civilian life with proper housing and medical assistance.

Addiction/Substance abuse: Getting rid of drug and alcohol abuse to make our homeland, a place of opportunity and hope.


The purpose of the community is to provide an alternative to homelessness, substance abusers/alcoholism and veterans suffering from PTSD. Changing Lives plans on building a large community with a school, hospital and long term housing for the residents to recover and rebuild their life with long-term support and assistance.

What will the community provide?

The community will provide a 3-4 year structured program completely free of charge for both individuals and their families. Offering a home, legal and medical assistance with the opportunity to study, learn a trade, cultural events, athletic center and outreach activities will be part of everyday life using state of the art facilities, changing their life and returning to society as a respected member. The community will operate with volunteers, hundreds of collaborators and consultants. A special veteran center is being designed to assist vets with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a program to help our first responders. The community will also provide home to families and a special unit for children and young adults linked to marginalization and drug abuse.

The long-term rehabilitation center will provide:

  • Housing for over 2,000 residents and staff
  • Dining hall
  • Professional kitchen and school
  • Hospital
  • Veteran’s Center
  • School Campus
  • Farming Center – with sustainable livestock husbandry 
  • Sustainable Agricultural Center with research 
  • Kennels 
  • Equestrian Center
  • Auditorium with multi function use
  • Manufacturing Center
  • Sports and Recreation Center
  • Environmental Sustainability Center – wind, water and waste management

Social responsibility and environmental impact of the community

Under Construction

CLC upholding respect for human rights, ecosystem preservation and promoting diversity

CLC is actively advancing our corporate social responsibility activities to meet society's expectations based on accurate perception of the impact of our operations on society and our social responsibilities. We our creating both economic and social value by conducting dialogue with stakeholders, local communities and promoting collaborative creation to resolve any issues and achieve the sustainable growth by fulfilling our social responsibilities.

CLC has an environmental vision and will formulate long term environmental targets throughout our development . The Environmental action plan for 2019 will lay out specific areas and activities for achieving our environmental vision and long term environmental targets, aligning this with a environmental management group in order to meet the expectations of our society.

Areas of reducing the environmental burden of our community:

  • Reduce energy use
  • Reduce waste mangaement
  • Efficiency of water usage
  • Enviromental Managament
  • Enviromental education 
  • Enviromental compliance
  • Enviroment risk and responsibilities
  • Enviromental conscious products and services
  • Enviromental considerate community sites
  • Global Warming Countermeasures
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Reducing Water use
  • Reduce emissions of chemical substances
  • Preservering the Eco system

Development goals for Sustainable Farming

  • Environmental preservation
  • Sustainable agriculture, aquaponics, permaculture
  • Protection of public health


  1. Bring flavor back to our food 
  2. Food hubs
  3. UC sustainable research



Help us make this change! Lets solve the dependency of welfare, homelessness, addiction and help our veterans get their life back.


Project growth 

2017 - Current


Changing Lives continues research and reaching out to potential collaborators. As we reach September, we prepare for crowd funding through crowdrise and Indiegogo to raise money to complete surveys, projections and the development plan for our funding group. We continue to seek and grow the most unique community for USA citizens. We anticipate land acquisitions in January 2018 or sooner and begin pre-development stage. We have sought out an architect firm in California and plan to research contractors and farming experts in the coming month. CEO, Sonia Avila continues her study and alliance building in the EU with members of states with decades of experience in rehabilitaion until mid November 2017. 

Changing Lives is excited on the latest decision on a PR firm to handle media /fundraising and an Architectural firm to design this amazing community which will be announced over the Thanksgiving holiday 2017. December is a busy month for the board members of CLC as returning to the USA to jump start the new year with the development launching full speed. 


Funding will be used for research and development of programs, multi-center design, land purchase, development plan, construction, human resources, permits, licensing, legal. accounting, and community outreach. As the development plan is implemented an audit of funds will be be made available to all investors and supportors.