Changing Lives Community


The time has come to announce the locations for Changing Lives Community,


The California sites from Mendocino and northern properties are perfect but is subject to negotiations with the capital in order to receive affordable tax rates and other considerations with each individual seller. People from all states will be welcomed into the community but Changing Lives Community will have its home in California.

East Coast Location

Considerations for the East coast community range from Pennsylvania to Maine region for a 1,000 resident community development in 2019/2020.

San Patrignano Training October 2017

We are excited to begin the the highly anticipated training in October in San Patrignano. The training will help our USA citizens that have been plagued with drug addiction with a solution in all states.

Northbound & Co. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Katlyn Gregory and Philp Gentile at Northbound & Co., a non-profit organization. Northbound will join CLC in building a long-term residential community in California.

Real Estate

The most crucial process of finding a perfect property is having an awesome agent. CLC is happy to announce that Ann Abernethy from Ranch Marketing Associates is our designated go to gal. We hope to have property in escrow December 2017. Look for the announcements coming soon.


CLC is proud to have found a wonderful team of caring, intelligent, creative individuals at TCA-Architects in Oakland, California to help us design a state of the art, Eco-friendly and self sustaining community.

Croatia Conference November 2017

CEO, Sonia Avila, continues alliance building and collaborations with European Members of States by attending the Triple R Project in Croatia. The residential communities in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden having decades of knowledge and experience in drug treatment, recovery and rehabilitation will be discussing the latest research study and current needs in treatment service.


We are in the process of raising the final 4 million needed for re-insurance to guarantee our 585 million in funding. Get involved.

Happy Thanksgiving USA- Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

SARAH AVILA-DOMINGUES named Co-CEO on 5th January 2018